China is on an infrastructure building spree, not only within its own borders but in 60 countries around the world. The roads, ports and railways that make up its “One Belt, One Road” initiative have the ability to transform the flow of goods and people on a global scale. But how is it affecting the people and places on the end of these plans?

Journalist Will Doig explores this question in his book High Speed Empire by focusing on one of China’s most ambitious plans: a Pan-Asian Railway stretching from Kunming to Singapore. He travels to Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to see how this yet-to-be-constructed railway is already transforming Southeast Asia by bringing new people, investment, opportunities and challenges.

Join Young Professionals in Foreign Policy and BRIC Language Systems as we host Will for a discussion of his book at Alley-FiDi. A brief introduction to BRIC by its CEO and Founder Ryan McMunn and to YPFP by Deputy Programming Director Jerry Doran will begin the discussion. Copies of the book will be available for purchase. Wine and snacks will be served at a reception following the talk.

We invite Will Doig and Ryann McMunn to discuss.

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, BRIC Languages

Will Doig
Will Doig is a journalist covering urban development. He has been an editor at the Open Society Foundations, Next City, and The Daily Beast. He created and wrote Salon’s weekly “Dream City” column, and was a recurring guest on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation.” His book, High-Speed Empire: Chinese Expansion and the Future of Southeast Asia, was published by Columbia Global Reports in May 2018.

Ryann McMunn
Ryan​ McMunn, ​the CEO and Founder of BRIC,​ ​began his career at​ ​Tricam Industries as ​the ​President of China Operations, where he was instrumental in​ ​growing it into one of the largest manufacturers of ladders in the U.S. Ryan currently​ ​remains as the CEO of Tricam and is involved in expanding the company into new​ ​international markets. An advocate for bridging the cultural divide between China and​ ​the U.S., Ryan travels the world speaking to young business graduates preparing to​ ​enter today’s workforce. In 2012, he established the Ryan McMunn International​ ​Business Scholarship to give undergraduates an opportunity to learn about diverse​ ​​cultures and business practices.

New York – YCW NY: High Speed Empire: China’s Dream and Southeast Asia’s Future with Will Doig, Ryann McMunn [Will Doig and Ryann McMunn]