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We are pleased to announce the YCW 2018 Pulse, Young China Watchers’ inaugural report of views from the global community of professionals engaged with China. We welcome you to view the report and share it among your network.

China has dominated headlines in 2018, from the trade war with the United States to its push into artificial intelligence. While the country has solidified its place as a major global power, perspectives from different communities around the world on China’s rise continue to shift.

Young China Watchers leveraged its global community spanning 10 chapters around the world and an active online presence to gain insight into how young professionals are approaching these issues. More than 500 members responded with their views on everything from foreign policy and development, to how China compares to the rest of the world in technology and innovation.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Our community expects China to be the most influential power in the Asia-Pacific region over the next five years, supplanting the United States.
  • 69% of respondents believe China is increasingly effective at projecting its hard power, and 57% agree when it comes to China’s soft power.
  • While over 40% of respondents believe the Belt and Road Initiative will significantly boost participating countries’ economic development, more than 90% also expect China’s political influence over them to significantly increase.
  • 51% of respondents have positive feelings toward China as a global economic power. Our community in Singapore is the most positive at 59%, in contrast to our Washington, D.C. chapter with only 36% responding positively.
  • 79% of respondents believe China has positively impacted global technology and innovation in the past 12 months. Our community in San Francisco proved to be the most optimistic on this front with 87% responding positively.

More detailed insights can be found in the report, including analyses that further illuminate how different regions are interpreting China’s advancements in geopolitics and technology.

Click here to read 2018 YCW Pulse Report

About YCW

Young China Watchers (YCW) is a dynamic group of China-focused young professionals. Through regular roundtables and talks with senior figures in the China academic, policy and business communities, it provides a chance for engaged individuals to interact and discuss the most pressing issues emerging from China today. Through our growing global network, we seek to foster the next generation of China thought-leaders.

YCW runs an open membership policy, keen to attract all China-engaged, knowledgeable and policy-interested individuals. Our purpose is to nurture a new community of people focused on and alert to China’s growing importance in international affairs.

Announcing the YCW Pulse Report
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