On the surface, Sino–Russian cooperation have been intensifying in recent years. What provides the impetus for these ties and can they endure? We’ll look at what’s new in this relationship between China and Russia and address areas of convergence and divergence between Moscow and Beijing, the asymmetries in interests and resources, and their wider implications for Russia’s policy in Asia. What can we expect from Moscow’s Asia strategy in the future? What is their systemic impact? And what does this mean for the EU and policy-makers in Europe?

We invite Michal Makocki, Senior Associate Analyst at EUISS and Nicu Popescu, Senior Analyst at EUISS to discuss.


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Michal Makocki
Michal Makocki is a former Senior Visiting Academic Fellow at Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin. He is an EU civil servant (currently on sabbatical leave) and has worked as a policy analyst at the Strategy Unit in the Directorate for Trade at the European Commission. Prior to that, he was part of the European External Action Service and was posted at the EU Delegation to China. He holds four graduate degrees in Economics, International Relations, European Studies and Psychology.

Nicu Popescu
Nicu Popescu has been a Senior Analyst at the EU Institute for Security Studies since July 2013 where he specialises in Russia and the EU’s eastern neighbours. He also teaches at Sciences Po Paris. He previously worked as advisor on foreign policy and EU affairs for the prime minister of Moldova (2010, 2012-2013) where he dealt with a wide spectrum of foreign policy issues, as well as domestic reforms such as the visa liberalisation process and Moldova’s accession to the European Common Aviation Area. Prior to this, he worked as head of programme and senior research fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations in London (2007-2009, 2011-2012), and as a research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels (2005-2007). He holds a PhD in International Relations from the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

Brussels – China and Russia: An Eastern Partnership in the Making? with Michal Makocki, Nicu Popescu [Michal Makocki and Nicu Popescu]
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