Young China Watchers has joined forces with the Alumni Network of the Robert Bosch Foundation to bring to Brussels Jörg Endriss and Sonja Maaß who will, through their book ‘China Kinder’, introduce us to the diverse world of China’s youth.
What do we know about young Chinese people? Are they hard-working due to the fierce competition? Are their parent’s expectations the main driver in their decisions? Are they single-minded due to the political system?

The reality might go beyond imagination.

Sonja and Jörg will provide a new perspective on China through the series of interviews with young Chinese that are at the basis of the book ‘China Kinder’. Through a collection of 30 portraits of young Chinese, we will meet the young finalist of a character quiz show, students who burned out at the beginning of their studies, punks who live their very own Chinese rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, officially non-existing children of migrant workers, homosexuals who no longer want to hide behind the facade of a marriage.
Join us for this event and you will be amazed by the complexity of China’s society.

The book was funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation as part of the program “Border Crosser China-Germany 华德无界行者”, which will be shortly introduced during the event by Julian Hermann.

We invite the authors of ‘China Kinder’ Jörg Endriss and Sonja Maaß, introduced by Julian Hermann to discuss.

In partnership with Robert Bosch Stiftung

Jörg Endriss
Jörg Endriss is working as a Journalist for German Public Broadcaster ARD. He studied Politics and Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. In 1994 he went to China for the first time by train and was fascinated by its people and dynamics. He has visited China and Taiwan several times for studies and work during the following two decades.
(photo: M. Zitzlaff)

Sonja Maaß
Sonja Maaß is working at the department for verification and documentation at the German Magazine “Der Spiegel”. She studied Sinology at the University of Hamburg. She has worked several years at Universities in China and Taiwan.
(photo: M. Zitzlaff)

Julian Hermann
Julian Hermann is working as Senior Project Manager at the department of International Relations America and Asia of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. He studied at the University of Heidelberg and at the University of Education in Nara, Japan, and holds a master’s degree in Japanese Studies, Art History and International Law.

Brussels – “China’s Young People: the future through the eyes of China’s youth” with Jörg Endriss, Sonja Maaß, Julian Hermann
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