A looming liquidity crunch in China could affect trillions of dollars and spill over into the financial markets. This liquidity crunch doesn’t involve capital, but a commodity no economy or country can function without – water. In the new era of a Beautiful China where environment is reset to be on par with the economy, multiple industries could be blindsided. Find out the true scope of China’s water risk and the implications of its pursuit of water, food and energy security – what does this mean for the rest of Asia and the world? Gain insight and intelligence on what is likely most critical issue of the 21st century.

We invite Debra Tan, Director & Head at China Water Risk to discuss.


Debra Tan
Tan heads China Water Risk (CWR), the ‘go-to’ resource on water issues in China and has steered the initiative from idea to a leader in the water risk conversation globally. She has worked to “mainstream” water risk into financial decision-making and corporate strategies on both a macro-level through the concept of “water-nomics” and on a micro-level through the quantification of water risk in credit/equity valuations. Today, CWR works with government-related bodies on both these fronts. Reports she has written for and with financial institutions analyzing the impact of water risks on the Power, Mining, Agricultural and Textiles industries have been considered groundbreaking and instrumental in understanding not just China’s but future global water challenges. One of these led the fashion industry to nominate China Water Risk as a finalist for the Global Leadership Awards in Sustainable Apparel; another is helping to build consensus toward water risk valuation. Tan is a prolific speaker on water risk delivering keynotes and participating in panel discussions at water award seminars, numerous investor & industry conferences as well as G2G and academic forums. Before venturing into the water world, Tan worked in finance, spending over a decade as a chartered accountant and investment banker specializing in M&A and strategic advisory.

Hong Kong – Our real liquidity crisis: does Asia have enough water? with Debra Tan [Wednesday, April 18]
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