Donald Trump’s success in the United States presidential race has the potential to shift economic and geopolitical dynamics in Asia, with the US relationship with China being a key driver of this shift. The status quo on trade relations, currency, climate change, and regional nuclear armaments may now be renegotiated. Join us as two Goldman Sachs experts share their views on the likely impacts which can be discerned at this stage in the transition of power to the 45th President of the United States.

We invite Andrew Tilton (chief Asia Pacific economist at Goldman Sachs) and Alasdair Share (Security Director at Goldman Sachs Asia-Pacific ) to discuss.

Andrew Tilton
Andrew serves as Goldman Sachs’ chief Asia Pacific economist. He relocated to Hong Kong in 2012 from the US economics team in New York, which received awards from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Blue Chip Economic Indicators for forecast accuracy, and was voted the top economics group in multiple Institutional Investor surveys of fixed income investors. Prior to joining the firm, Andrew was a manager at McKinsey & Company as well as a research economist at the McKinsey Global Institute. He also worked at William Kent International as a consultant to US firms in China, India and Japan, and served as senior advisor to the Office of International Affairs in the US Treasury.

Alasdair Share
Alasdair is the security director for Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific. Prior to arriving in Asia, he performed the same role in EMEA from 2007 to 2008. In addition to being a member of the Office of the Global Security leadership team, Alasdair is co-chair of the Asia Pacific Business Resilience Committee and a member of the Asia Pacific Operational Risk Committee and the Asia Pacific Federation Operating Committee. Prior to joining the firm, Alasdair worked for the British government and spent his government career as a specialist in intelligence collection and counterterrorism. His last post was in the British embassy in Washington, DC, where he worked with US intelligence agencies on global counterterrorism initiatives.

Hong Kong – The Trump Administration: Economic and Regional Security implications for China with Andrew Tilton, Alasdair Share [Andrew Tilton and Alasdair Share]
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