The balance of power in climate leadership has shifted. Eight years after it was largely blamed for the climate change talks fiasco in Copenhagen, China is leading the clean energy charge, making Trump’s election a sideshow in the climate change fight.

We don’t doubt China’s desire to move to a low-carbon diet. Still, the first-ever national Red Smog alert at the start of this year will not be the last, and wind / solar / electric vehicle / waste management companies are struggling, as can be readily seen from public market performance.

Long-time clean energy analyst, Charles Yonts, works through the challenges and emerging opportunities as China leads the world in its shift to cleaner energy. Joining him is Tienyu Hsieh, who brings over a decade of experience doing cleantech deals in China and around the region. His current focus – energy efficiency in buildings – offers some of the best returns around, both from a climate and a financial perspective.

We invite Charles Yonts (Head of Sustainable Research at CLSA) and Tienyu Sieh (CEO of Blue Sky Energy Efficiency) to discuss.

Charles Yonts
Charles Yonts is Head of Sustainable Research at stock broker CLSA. He’s been covering Asian solar stocks for over a decade, and other cleantech stocks for nearly as long. He also covers the traditional coal-fired generators in China. Charles has lived in Greater China for the past 20 years, starting at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Tienyu Sieh
Tienyu Sieh is the founder and CEO at Blue Sky Energy Efficiency, a Hong Kong-based developer and financier of energy management projects at commercial and industrial facilities in Asia. Prior to Blue
Sky, Tienyu was an investment banker at Nomura and Merrill Lynch, where he closed over US$4bn in transactions in the Renewable Energy, Technology, and Media sectors. Previous experience includes Technology Strategist and co-head of Asian Technology equity research at Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong and Lead Portfolio Manager for Pacific Basin equities at Zurich Scudder Investments in New York. Tienyu graduated from the Jerome Fisher
Program in Management and Technology at the University of
Pennsylvania in 1990 with bachelors’ degrees in Applied Science and Economics after which he started his career at the Economic Development Board in Singapore.

Hong Kong – Trump Cements China’s Clean Energy Leadership Position. Now What? with Charles Yonts, Tienyu Sieh [Charles Yonts and Tienyu Sieh ]
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