Scott Kennedy is deputy director of the Freeman Chair in China Studies and director of the Project on Chinese Business and Political Economy at CSIS. A leading authority on China’s economic policy and its global economic relations, specific areas of focus include industrial policy, business lobbying, multinational business challenges in China, Chinese participation in global economic regimes, and philanthropy. Kennedy has been traveling to China for over a quarter century, and he has conducted thousands of interviews across the country with Chinese officials, businesses, lawyers, non-profit organizations, and scholars. His writings have appeared in a wide array of policy, popular, and academic venues.  

China has become integrated into a variety of international economic regimes – trade, technical standards, public health, climate change, foreign aid, and elsewhere. Its integration into the world of global finance has been relatively slow and generated severe tensions, which we are seeing play out in headlines every day. In his talk, Scott Kennedy will explore the challenges of greater Chinese involvement in a range of financial regimes, including those for credit ratings, exchange rates, the IMF’s SDR basket, stock markets, and commodity trading.

New York – ‘A Clash of Civilizations? China and Global Financial Governance’ with Scott Kennedy, Deputy Director of the Freeman Chair in China Studies, CSIS
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