On January 10th we hosted an intimate dinner discussion with Samm Sacks, Cybersecurity Policy and China Digital Economy Fellow at New America. She discussed her work on China’s cyber policy, digital economy and emerging technology governance, particularly data protection policy.

She has written extensively on the US-China technology relationship, the build out of China’s cybersecurity regime, and the global expansion of Chinese internet companies.

She leads New America’s DigiChina Data Governance Project, which publishes translation and analysis of developments related to cross border data transfer, data privacy and security, and implications for artificial intelligence.

In her previous work at CSIS, her research on how China’s data protection system referenced EU’s GDPR is widely cited as pivotal to understanding China’s emerging data regime.

New York: Dinner Discussion with Samm Sacks on China’s cybersecurity and big data governance policy evolution (Thurs, Jan 10)
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