China’s Jiu Ling Hou or Post-90’s generation is sometimes referred to as the Net-generation, Me-generation, or Strawberry Generation for their inability to bear hardship or “eat bitterness.” In this conversation with Zak Dychtwald, millennial and author of Young China, Zak will argue Chinese millennials are China’s pivotal generation—responsible for redefining Chinese identity in the modern era. Through a mix of original research and anecdotes from his years living in China, Zak will explore the things weighing on the mind of Chinese millennials and consider the factors that impact their decision making. How does this 400 million strong generation think, act, and consume? How do they see themselves, their country, and the world? How are they cohesive as a generation and what rifts run between their ranks?

Join Young China Watchers for what promises to be a lively discussion of how this generation will help shape the future!

We invite Zak Dychtwald, Author of “Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World” to discuss.

Zak Dychtwald
Zak Dychtwald is the author of Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World, which has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and NPR. He is the Founder and Head of Research of Young China Group—a think tank and consultancy aimed at crafting bold research to deepen understanding of China’s youth and the emerging millennial mindset. At 28, Zak is a fluent Mandarin speaker and splits his time between New York and China. He graduated from Columbia University in 2012.

New York – YCW NY: Zak Dychtwald – “Jiu Ling Hou: Exploring the Lives of Chinese Millennials ” (Tue, Aug 7th ) with Zak Dychtwald [Tuesday, August 07]
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