All of us in the 21st century like to make plans, but businesses – small, medium-size or gargantuan – absolutely have to. It’s never easy, but in Asia especially, planning may soon be more impossible than ever. The US and China may not be able to get along; or, then again, maybe they will. Markets prefer political stability to geopolitical tension. Or maybe for a few months relations will seem okay; but then hit yet another stormy phase. Scoping out market demand and supply line costs is never easy. But when the two biggest elephants in the world are rolling one way and then the other, the wisest option is probably to duck. But ducking is never good for business entrepreneurship, is it? So what can be done about the ‘yo-yo’ relationship between Beijing and Washington? What will prove the bottom line?

We invite Prof Tom Plate, author of ‘Yo-Yo Diplomacy’ and the ‘Giants of Asia’ series to discuss.

Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee

Prof Tom Plate
Professor Tom Plate, author of ‘Yo-Yo Diplomacy’ and the ‘Giants of Asia’ series, is Loyola Marymount University’s Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Affairs, a South China Morning Post columnist and Pacific Century Institute vice president.

Singapore – How do you plan around China-US Relations when there is no plan? with Prof Tom Plate [Wednesday, May 23]
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