February 12, 2015
Dear Young China Watchers,

Welcome to YCW’s inaugural newsletter where we will share our past month’s events across our six global chapters, latest blog content and interesting opportunities that may appeal to the wider YCW community. 

Launch of YCW San Francisco

Thanks to all who showed up to YCW San Francisco’s inaugural event on February 5, where Orville Schell, the Arthur Ross Director of the Centre on US-China Relations of the Asia Society gave talk on “China’s Search for Wealth and Power”. The event was co-sponsored with Asia Society Young Professionals and held at Salesforce.com.








Across our global chapters

YCW Shanghai kicked off the year with Walter Anderson of John Hopkins University on India’s engagement in Asia, and Jean-Marc Blanchard of Jiaotong University on January 10, who spoke on Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone later in the month.

YCW New York hosted Carl Minzner, Professor of Law at Fordham University on January 28, who discussed the direction for the rule of law in China after the Fourth Plenum.

In London, we welcomed Andrew Small of the German Marshall Fund on Janary 28, who introduced his book, The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics and hosted Kerry Brown, who is on our Board of Advisors, for a dinner discussion on 16 January.

YCW Hong Kong listened to lawyer Tom Deegan speak on February 10, on the rise of China’s energy giants as a significant 21st century story.

YCW Beijing also hosted Qian Liu of the Economist Intelligence Unit on February 10, who spoke on the the very receptive topic of the economics of “leftover women”.

YCW events







YCW’s upcoming events

We look forward to hosting James Miles of The Economist in London on political reform under Xi Jinping, Nair Chandran of the GIFT Foundation in Hong Kong who will speak on “No Asian Century” as well as authors James Farrer and Andrew Field on their latest book “Shanghai Nightscapes: A Nocturnal Biography of a Global City” in Shanghai.

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Our latest on the YCW blog

YCW blog logo

We are pleased to feature an in-depth interview with Rana Mitter, Professor of History and Politics of Modern China at University of Oxford and author of China’s War with Japan, 1937-45: The Struggle for Survival. Here, he talks about the role of China in World War II, the territorial disputes over Senkaku Islands/Diaoyudao and nationalism.

Jason Bedford is our featured YCWer this month. Based in Hong Kong, he is part of the Asian Financial Institutions Research team at UBS with a core focus on banking and non-banking (trusts, leasing, micro-finance etc.) sectors in mainland China. He talks to YCW about the definition, scope and underlying risks of shadow banking in mainland China.

YCW’s newest partners

YCW is proud to formally welcome our partner in Beijing, the Carnegie-Tsinghua Centre for Global Policy, which brings together leading policy experts and practitioners from China and around the world to engage in collaborative dialogue and research.

In London, we look forward to working with The China Institute at SOAS, University of London, which represents the largest community of China scholars under one roof in the whole of Europe. We will explore a speaker series focused on “China and the World”.

Comings, goings and opportunities

We welcome Head of YCW San Francisco, Frederick Tsai and Andrea Kwong, Director of Operations. As YCW Shanghai Head Trevor Clark departs for Hong Kong, Ran Xu is now as our new Head of YCW Shanghai, along with Tim Yu, Director of Operations.

YCW shares many jobs and internship opportunities across different cities, all focused on China. Open positions include Communications Manager for the Carnegie-Tsinghua Centre for Global Policy in Beijing, an internship with Aegis Advisory in London covering Asia Pacific. For more, please visit our Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


As always, if you have ideas for our global chapters or would like to work with us, contact us at info@youngchinawatchers.com.



YCW Newsletter February 2015
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