We have two exciting projects to share with you this summer!

We just launched our annual YCW Pulse Survey. The past year was overshadowed by a global pandemic, which impacted travel, global value chains, financial flows and domestic politics of China and of course China-watchers across the globe. We want to get to know your views on China and it’s role in the world; your perceptions of domestic developments, China’s impact on different policy areas, and as a global actor, including on the Belt and Road Initiative.

This survey will take about 10-15 minutes and responses will be strictly anonymous. The results of the survey will be published in a detailed study later this year, building on the results of our previous surveys.

Join the YCW 2021 Pulse Survey!

Meanwhile, our London chapter is inviting submissions for our 2021 essay competition, in partnership with the Lau China Institute at King’s College London. The theme is ‘China, the Environment and Climate Change’. The competition aims to discover and showcase the newest young writing on China in the UK, to help foster the next generation of expertise on China and provide a platform for new voices. We invite all young China scholars under the age of 35 to apply, including students, members of academia, the media, government, the private sector or any other interested applicants.

You can visit our website for more information!

Across our global chapters

YCW Europe (June 28)

Educational Cooperation with China — What’s in it for the V4?

Given the controversy of Fudan University’s announcement to build a campus in Budapest, this event focused on eastern European educational cooperation with China and the role played in domestic politics. The discussion was the third in the V4 Series highlighting the Visegrád 4 countries within the context of European-Chinese relations. YCW Europe hosted Andrea Braun Střelcová, Dominik Mierzejewski and Tamás Matura to evaluate the opportunities, challenges and wider impact of educational cooperation.

YCW Washington (June 21)

Pride in China: LGBT Issues and Stories

Legal and social challenges continue to follow the progress made in LGBT+ rights in China. In a discussion of these achievements and struggles, YCW Washington hosted Cate Fugazzola, Steven Jiang and Zeyi Yang.

Upcoming events

YCW Editorial (July 21)

Can China and the world decouple technologically?

Technological innovation has become a core issue of U.S.-China relations, with both countries aiming to decouple technological development and manufacturing. Is decoupling in the U.S. or China’s interest? Join YCW Director Raffaello Pantucci as he talks with Senior Adviser for Cyber Security and China at the International Institute for Strategic Studies Nigel Inkster about his new book, the Great Decoupling.


Young China Watchers is a dynamic group of China-focused young professionals. Through regular roundtables and talks with senior figures in the China policy and business communities, it provides a chance for engaged individuals to interact and discuss the most pressing issues emerging from China today. It aims to build a global network, fostering the next generation of China thought-leaders.

Join the YCW Community!

YCW Newsletter (July 2021)
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