Excerpted from an event hosted by YCW London, this month’s episode features Tim Clissold, a Sino-U.S./U.K. business dispute resolution expert and the author of Mr. China, a book centered on the mishaps and lessons Tim encountered when first entering the Chinese business world. Interviewed by YCW London Head Michael Yip, Tim tells his personal story of becoming interested in China alongside the broader narrative of China’s growth and dominance in the globalized world.

Tim points out the imbalance of knowledge between Chinese expertise on the West and Western expertise on China and emphasizes that the root of Western ignorance toward the society driving the world’s second largest economy is rooted in school curricula that persist in Eurocentrism, despite his and others’ efforts to shift them toward the Sinosphere.

He also speaks about his personal relationships with individuals in China and how they continue to shape and complicate his outlook on the nation’s political system. Tim also discusses his upcoming book on Chinese poetry, to be published within the mainland.

Tim Clissold is a business writer and conflict mediator who specializes in Western-Chinese partnerships and is the author of three books.

The YCW Podcast is a monthly podcast series by Young China Watchers. We’re a global community of young professionals, providing a platform to discuss the most pressing issues emerging from China today. We organize events with China experts in our 10 chapters across Asia, Europe and the U.S., fostering the next generation of China thought leaders.

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YCW Podcast – Tim Clissold on Dealing with China
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