World War II Flying Tigers – B-25 Bomber pilot Ho Weng Toh looks back at 99 years old

二战飞虎队 – B-25 轰炸机飞行员何永道 99 岁回忆当年

The event is being held in collaboration with Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) Alumni (Columbia Association – Singapore) and Hwa Chong Seniors Club.


The talk will be conducted in English and Chinese.


World Scientific will be displaying galley copies of Captain Ho’s memoirs onsite and taking advance orders for the soon-to-be launched book at special prices.


Hwa Chong Seniors Club shall prepare a slideshow of World War 2 Flying Tigers related photos. There will also be a limited print run of postcards with curated photos from Captain Ho’s personal collection for all attendees.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 7:00 pm

Chui Huay Lim Club, Level 4, 190 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 308409

[6:30 pm] Doors Open [7:00 pm] Event Begins

Nearest MRT Station

Newton, Little India

The “Flying Tigers” were a legendary air squadron that defended China during the 2nd World War. With support from Song Meiling and help from President Roosevelt, Claire Lee Chennault, retired US Army Air Corps captain, led a team of almost 100 ex US military pilots to volunteer in the defense of China against Japan. They were the first members of China’s new Air Force. Subsequently, the Chinese government advertised to recruit ethnic Chinese to be trainee pilots. With the help of the US, these volunteers were trained over 5 phases to become fighter and bomber pilots before being shipped back to the battlefields of China. Based variously in Myanmar, India and Southwestern China, the Flying Tigers Squadron engaged in airfights, bombing missions and provided escort to protect the Myanmar-China land supply team. Even after Myanmar fell, the Flying Tigers continued their work in China until the end of the war with the help of US pilots who flew the “Hump Route” over the Himalayan mountains to ensure continued war supplies into China from India.

“飞虎队”是 中国在二战期间的一支传奇性的空军防卫队。在宋美玲和美国罗斯福总统的资助下,已退役的美国 陆军航空上尉,克莱尔·李·陈纳德 , 率领着近乎100名退役美军的自愿者前往 中国协助中国对抗日军的侵袭。他们因此成为了中国新空军的先驱 – 就是俗称的“二战飞虎队”。不久后,中国登报招募愿意受训成为飞行员的华人子弟。在美国政府的帮助下, 这些自愿投军者经过5个阶段的军训后被遣派回中国战地加入当地的空军。飞虎队员散布于缅甸、印度和中国西南方的基地,负责空斗作战,轰炸日军基地,保卫滇缅公路陆地运输线及其它事务。当缅甸沦陷后, 飞虎队员毅然留守中国内地阵营直到战争结束,仰赖着同袍飞行员 越过被称为“骆峰航线”的喜马拉雅山, 从印度接运战略物质到中国。

At 99 years old, Captain Ho is one of the few surviving pilots from the Flying Tigers and the sole survivor in Singapore. Let us sit down and listen to Chinese Air Force B-25 Bomber pilot Ho Weng Toh recount his story and feel free to ask any questions.

虽已年近百岁,何老先生是少数飞虎队的生存者,亦是新加坡唯一活着的飞虎 队员。让我们静坐聆听中国空军 B-25 战斗机飞行员 何永道把他的故事娓娓道来,过后欢迎大家踊跃提问。

Moderator : Chan Heng Wing, Non resident Ambassador to Austria (Current), former Consul General to Shanghai (2005-2008), former Ambassador to Thailand (2002-2005)

主持嘉宾:陈庆荣,现任非常驻奥地利大使,前驻上海领事(2005-2008), 前驻泰国大使(2002-2005)


About Ho Weng Toh 何永道

Ho Weng Toh was a Malaysia, Ipoh born Chinese boy who went to Hong Kong for further studies in 1939. Soon after, war erupted and he became a refugee. Like other Chinese youths of that era, he felt an obligation to contribute to China’s war efforts. This heartfelt obligation by Chinese young and old, local or overseas has been critical to ensuring China’s continued efforts in the war. Together with his friends, Ho Weng Toh escaped to Free China with the help of other Chinese and answered a newspaper advertisement for trainee pilots. He eventually became a bomber pilot in the Chinese Airforce – the World War II Flying Tigers. In 1980, he retired as a Chief Pilot in Singapore Airlines after a 38-year flying career.

何永道出生于马来西亚怡保,1939年前往香港深造。不久后,战争爆发了,他因此沦为难民。就如那个年代的一般华侨青年,何永道觉得奉献抗战是一件义不容辞的事情。也就是华人子弟这股义不容辞的精神,造就了中国持续不殆的抗日活动。何永道和一群伙伴凭借其他同胞的资助,逃向战区后方,也就恰巧看到招募飞行训练员的报纸广告,并前去应征。他熬过为期1年多的军训,最终成功加入中国空军轰炸机师的行列,就是俗称“二战飞虎队”的英勇之士。1980 年,何永道以新航的首席机师的身份退休,为长达38年的飞行事业划上句号。

Singapore-World War II Flying Tigers – B-25 Bomber pilot Ho Weng Toh looks back at 99 years old (Tues, 22 Oct)
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